5 Simple ways to begin living sustainably

- Wed 06 Jul 2022

As many of us are aware, the cost of living has begun to rise rapidly in England and as a result households are looking in to how they can improve their way of living more effectively. We have carried out some research to find the five simplest ways of living sustainably that will hopefully endeavour to save you money and improve the world we live in.

  • 1- Get a smart meter installed in your home. With this, you are able to monitor how much you are spending each day and therefor able to reduce you’re spending habits in your home in order to save money on your bills each month. Most energy providers will have the option of being able to install this in your home and if your provider doesn’t, it may be worth switching to a provider that does.
  • 2- If you live in a town, village or city whereby you are in walking distance to where you would like to go, leave the car at home and get those steps in! Even if you swap the car journey for a walk once a week, this would save you some pennies and improve pollution in the air. If your journey is a bit longer, dust your bike off and cycle instead.
  • 3- Whilst living more sustainably can help save money, it is also important to think about what small things we can do to improve sustainability within the world. Each person in the UK will use just under 4.5 trees per year for the purpose of paper alone, if at least one family of five people could revert to paperless bills, they could be saving 22.5 trees per year. And that’s just one family alone!
  • 4- When leaving a room, remember to turn off your lights. There is no need for a room to be lit up and using energy whilst you are not sat in it and it is surprising how much being conscious of that can save you money. The same can be applied to running the tap – turn it off whilst brushing your teeth can save 3-4 gallons of water, per person, per day (1,000 gallons of water per year).
  • 5- Have you ever thought about growing your own food? This could not only save you money by growing your own fruit and vegetables in the back garden but also allows you to reduce carbon footprint as well as the use of plastic that carries the fruit and veg at supermarkets. Many people who start to grow their own find it really fun and rewarding.

These are just a handful of examples of how you can begin living sustainably both financially and in order to improve the environment. There is no better time than the present to begin implementing either one or all of these easy steps in to your new sustainable life.