A Budget for Homes

- Tue 25 Mar 2014

The Budget last week certainly had an eye on making sure the recovering property market keeps going and the help was directed in to all the right areas. The big news was the extension of 'Help To Buy' until the end of the decade. The Chancellor is well aware that the country is acutely short of homes and to avoid the price bubble some wrongly expect to come he has done his best to encourage the building of more new homes and to continue make them affordable to buy.

The plan is to encourage the building of another 120,000 new homes of which 15,000 will go into a new garden city in Kent. Further support for the construction industry comes in the shape of a £500m 'Builder Finance Fund' to help to support smaller house builders, which is very good news for us at Bradleys as we specialise in helping the small to medium size builder by providing them with specialist services normally only associated with the big national companies. Even more help has been provided with a 'Right to Build' scheme to help individuals who want to build their own home. The 'Help To Buy 2' scheme was not extended but will still run until the end of 2016 as originally planned for help to buy second hand homes. This is all excellent news, it will further aid the recovery and with the extra homes being built will lessen the chances of a price bubble by increasing the supply in line with the demand.

The Budget headline was the change to pension regulations which is again excellent news for property. Now that you don't have to purchase a poorly performing annuity upon your retirement, people will look for alternatives and an obvious choice is property. It is very likely that an investment property will be within the reach of most pension pay-outs and that property will be a great investment with increasing value and a better rate of return than the annuities previously on offer. Clearly with something so important as where to invest your pension fund you will need the services of a very trust worthy and reputable estate agent who cannot only sell you a property but also advise you honestly on the best type of investment depending on if you are looking to maximise your investment for growth or yield or combination of both.

This is where we come in at Bradleys, we can offer expert help with every element of buying the correct investment and then letting it to provide you with the maximum return and at the same time manage your investment to keep it safe and growing in value.

Read what our previous customers have said at allAgents.co.uk say thank you Mr Chancellor and then come and see us at Bradleys to make a very important investment.

If you would like to take advantage of our specialist help in this way contact your nearest office or Bradleys Customer Services at customerservices@beagroupco.uk or by calling 01395224800 and we will be pleased to help you with every aspect of your investment.

I mentioned last week I was going to race my Enterprise Dinghy again on Saturday for the first time since 2009. Completely unbelievably I won the first race of the season at Looe which wasn't too bad for an overweight 50something, so there must still be a bit of life in the old dog yet! If you have ever wondered what a first race of the season might look like you can check it out on YouTube . The Enterprises have the blue sails and I am in the red boat. You may or may not be interested.

Francis Marshall - Bradleys Managing Director

Francis Marshall
Bradleys Managing Director