A busy 6 weeks ahead!

- Wed 29 Aug 2018

There are two traditional peaks of increased sales activity that tend to occur in the property market every year and we are just about to enter one of them. The Autumn market.

To varying degrees these "peaks" have been with us as far as we can remember. Coinciding with this trend Bradleys Land and New Homes will be launching 9 new homes sites in Devon and Cornwall over the next 6 weeks. The new homes awaiting release will range from £175,000 to £850,000 covering both Town, City and coastal locations.

Each development will have a carefully thought out and bespoke pre-launch plan aimed specifically at the type of buyer demand profile for the given product and price range. Clearly there will be difference in approach and selective marketing for a development of 5 bedroom detached homes than a block of 2 bedroom apartments aimed at the "help to buy" or Investor market.

The main criteria dictating the process is normally:

    • Maximise sales income to the client given the market place.
    • Create a timetable to sell consistently ahead of the construction time table.
    • Build the reputation of the client developer in the market place.
    • Create an environment where buyers want to post 5 star reviews for service.

Thorough knowledge of the market place in each location and a specialist digital and analogue marketing strategy is key to a productive outcome with all Bradleys new homes projects. Luckily Bradleys New Homes offer an excellent mix of in house graphics, IT marketing and sales departments together with the benefit of a combined buyer database registered from 32 agency outlets throughout the region. That means the fire power of over 100,000 buyers and the experience of over 200 staff!

Above all each new homes launch takes meticulous planning, date specific tasking and involves an experienced team effort to be a real success.

Chris Baxter - Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

Chris Baxter
Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

01395 223336