Affordable things to do this summer holidays

- Wed 03 Aug 2022

As the school summer holidays have now begun, you may be worrying about how to keep children entertained during the six-week stint. This year, household finances are being squeezes more than ever, with costs for families with two children rising by an annual rate of 13%. With that being said we have put together a list of fun and affordable things to do and will keep the whole family entertained.

  • 1- If you want to go for a bite to eat this summer, we have researched where the best and most affordable places are to eat with your children. Firstly, all children across England and Wales will be able to get a hot or cold meal for £1 a day across all Asda cafes, 7 days a week from the 25th July – 4th September. Even restaurants such as YO! Sushi has an offer on for children over the holidays, with kids receiving one free meal with every £10 spent by an adult between Mondays-Thursdays. There are many establishments across the England that have offers on to help parents make meal times more exciting and affordable.
  • 2- Some parks have taken it to the next level, offering much more than your standard slide, swings and roundabout. For example, the free adventure playground at Heartlands, in Redruth, is the biggest in Cornwall, featuring subterranean tunnels, a shipwrecked boat and a custom-made wooden climbing structure called The Giant’s Trap. Be sure to check that out if you are local to the Redruth area or are maybe visiting that area over the summer!
  • 3- Fancy your hand at rock painting? This is a trend that started in the US in 2015. Called The Kindness Rocks Project, it invited people to paint a stone with a feel-good message, then hide it for someone else to find and hopefully brighten up their day. This can be anywhere but are more common on woodland walks or beaches across the country. It’s since grown and spread throughout the world, with most people getting involved via social media-groups. To get involved, you can do a quick search on Facebook for ‘rock painting’ to find a group that’s active near you. Then get the children to find a stone big enough to decorate and buy some paint and brushes, if you don’t already have some!
  • 4- If you are lucky enough to have a garden or outdoor space, then put your children’s green fingers to the test. Organisations like the Royal Horticultural Society and the Natural History Museum have lots of idea for gardening activities you can do at home – from making a bee hotel to pressing flowers.
  • 5- How do you cool off on a hot summer’s day? With some water play, of course. If you have a garden, it could be as simple as putting the sprinkler on and letting your children run through it. For many parents, investing in a paddling pool is worth every penny for the hours of entertainment it will provide. You can buy a 7ft inflatable one for about £25, but you should be able to find cheaper if you buy second-hand from sites such as eBay.

We hope that the above ideas will help you have fun affordably this summer and make the six weeks on summer fly by whilst making family memories without breaking the bank!