Are you a Landlord thinking of selling? Contact your Agent first!

- Wed 06 Apr 2022

Whether you have found the letting of a property simply overwhelming and are looking to change your position or perhaps you have been thinking of disposing of your investment portfolio for some time, before you go ahead, be sure to do your research! Just as nobody would think twice about consulting a solicitor for legal advice, the first port of call for advice on landlord issues should be a highly trained property expert, and that’s where we come in.

In the first instance we would always advise getting in touch with an experienced agent before letting your property, if it is too late then be sure to discuss your position with someone who has experience in both the sales and letting of properties. Some investors are at the point of wanting to sell their assets because of the continuous legislative changes, which is how we at Bradleys can help as we benefit from both the experience of selling and letting property, we speak with investors regularly and understand what they are looking for as well as the increasing legislation we must adhere to.

We will always explore options for continuing to let the property before committing to any sale and with increasing rents and huge tenant demand, there is often a solution to be found. We have a large pool of investors that were looking to grow their portfolio and these are often the first port of call when selling a buy-to-let property as they will often come with a tenant in situ – perfect for the discerning investor!

Bradleys offer a wide range of landlord services including bronze, silver and gold packages. Whether you are looking for a fully manged service with our gold package or are happy to get involved and therefore the bronze may be more suited, we’re happy to help. To find out more about our packages, please click here.

Bradleys Estate Agents have 30 offices covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset where our teams are expertly trained to help you with all things property related. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Bradleys office today if you are a Landlord thinking of selling, there are always options and we will help secure the right one for you.