ARLA Propertymark – “Should landlords use letting agents?”

- Thu 24 Mar 2022

In something of a fast paced rentals market with many legislative changes already in effect and more to come, many landlords may be considering disposing of their investment properties. However the ‘Association of Residential Letting Agents’ (ARLA Propertymark) suggest landlords would be better placed in considering the appointment of a letting agent to ensure yields are maximised rather than to sell as a result of uncertainties surrounding the private rental sector.

ARLA Propertymark suggest “Anyone thinking of selling their buy to let properties should make sure that they have considered all the alternatives before taking that big step”. They expand upon this comment to recommend an agent is consulted before marketing to make sure that all options for improving an investment property’s returns have been fully explored even if that landlord is not currently engaging the services of a letting agent.

The organisation continues “Almost everything can be overwhelming when trying to tackle it alone. Just as nobody would think twice about consulting a solicitor for legal advice, the first port of call for advice on landlord issues should be a highly trained ARLA Propertymark expert. Whatever the problem faced, there will be options to explore, and solutions to be found.”

With the Rental Reform White Paper looming combined with increased restrictions and expenses for landlords, ARLA Propertymark are minded that quitting the sector ““is likely to be premature and ill-advised”. The organisation, having assessed data from their members, report that rents have increased over the last six months as a result of huge demand for rented accommodation and it is also noted that periods of time where a property is vacant between tenancies, is significantly reduced.

ARLA Propertymark advise “Navigating the requirements of being a landlord is not easy, particularly for someone new to the experience or who lacks the time or expertise to keep on top of evolving demands. ARLA Propertymark agents are professionals who are required to be trained to a higher standard than the law demands and can offer advice and support to make the experience of being a landlord simpler. They understand the pressures that landlords are under and can cut through the jargon and confusion to provide the answers and solutions needed, whatever the situation”.

We are proud members of ARLA Propertymark and our staff are readily available to advise upon any given matter whether this be with regard your rental investment property or, to advise upon the marketing and sale of the same should you choose to do so.