Bradleys are proud to Support 12 Days Of Care!

- Mon 21 Dec 2020

For as long as we have been around, getting involved with our communities has been a vital part of what we do and is so important to the whole of team Bradleys. We have the phrase ‘Sponsors in our community’ that we promote both within and externally as we’re committed to helping those around us and feel it is our role within our community to support others and charities who are having such a positive impact in our area. The majority of our staff have lived and worked locally and so we are always looking for new opportunities to support the local community that we hold so close to our hearts.

We were recently asked by Hospiscare to support their 12 days of Care. This ensures patients and families that are on the ward in Exeter during the festive holiday, experience the best very best Christmas possible in this difficult year. Head of fundraising commented:

'In this difficult year kindness like yours has kept us going both financially and emotionally. The nurses have asked me to pass on their thanks to you and all the businesses that have helped them to help local families this Christmas!'

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to Hospiscare for the most admirable and selfless work you do for others day in day out. We are honoured to of been asked to support Hospiscare and the 12 days of care, such a fantastic cause at such an important time. To be given the opportunity to ensure our local people have the right support they need over the festive period, especially after this difficult year, is a privilege.