Charlotte Cotton passes the first stage of the Bradleys Academy

- Tue 28 Jun 2022

At Bradleys we believe that we can build a better future by investing in the next generation, focusing on the development of existing and new staff members, their aspiration, and their ability to progress.

We have built the ‘Bradleys Academy’ to help all team members achieve their career goals, which consists of 8 steps made up of assessments, coursework, and experience. This may include trips to other offices to learn and obtain the knowledge and expertise of Bradleys specialist. Each staff member must pass each step of the programme before moving onto the next.

Our most recent Negotiator to start their journey with the Bradleys Academy and who has recently passed the trainee stage of their training is Charlotte Cotton from our Liskeard Branch.

Suzette Richardson, Operations Director commented “It’s a pleasure to see our employees achieves their goals, the Bradleys Academy provides the relevant tools to their disposal and I am delighted to see Charlotte achieving her goals. Charlotte is a superb Estate Agent and a real asset to the Liskeard team, I look forward to seeing her career grow and develop here at Bradleys.”