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- Wed 25 Mar 2015

Either you love it and therefore embrace it or you keep pushing it away until you inevitably succumb to the pressures of it. Depending on which camp you sit in may depend on whether you have seen how technology is changing the way people buy and sell their homes. I’m not of course referring to using the internet, which is now considered the ‘norm’ but more so what is available when using the internet.

It was more than a year ago when we were approached to meet with a local company about using property videos to help promote our clients properties. These were not new in the property industry as such, the likes of ‘audio tours’ and ‘virtual tours’ have been around for many years and still prove to be popular to a degree. This is something different, this is about using a professional cameraman and a presenter to boast about how the property comes across from an independent perspective.

Bradleys first ‘Presenter Led Video’ was created and loaded onto our website in spring 2014 and attracted hundreds of views, creating an instant hit with the public. The ability to provide the feeling of almost viewing a property; opening each door to see what lies beyond, witnessing the actual view from the garden or finding out about the local area via video now seems obvious. Following the success of the first there have been over 80 videos produced achieving over 26,000 views online.

The technology has continued to advance even within a year. By adding the use of drone technology our videos can provide a birds eye view of the surrounding area, can sweep up the driveway or through the grounds of a property. Buyers and sellers alike continue to be impressed with the results, even to the extent where potential buyers from all over the country watch them and either decide it isn’t suitable thus saving them and us from booking a viewing for an unsuitable property or they get that ‘fuzzy warm feeling’ that this could be the one and need to see it in person instantly!

As for new technology, we certainly haven’t stopped at videos. Keep your eyes peeled for our interactive 3D computer generated images for some of our new homes developments, they look amazing!

What to do next…

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Kai Logan - Bradleys Marketing Manager

Kai Logan
Bradleys Marketing Manager