Energy saving tips to help you this winter

- Wed 05 Oct 2022

With energy prices skyrocketing and the weather turning colder, for many the worry begins about how to get through the winter. With that being said, we have put together a list of helpful energy saving tips that will hopefully make a difference to spiralling costs of living.

  • 1- If you turn down the thermostat by just one degree, this can save you up to £400 annually at current prices. If you feel the cold, that one degree can make a real difference so make sure you are stocked up on extra blankets to keep you cosy and warm!
  • 2- Be mindful when doing your laundry. Washing a full load worth of clothes instead of half a load will save you money as well as trying to dry your clothes on an airier instead of in the tumble dryer. These small changes will have a significant impact on your energy bills down the line.
  • 3- Be conscious about your water usage. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth and maybe even set a timer for when you are having a shower so you aren’t using too much water.
  • 4- Make sure to draught proof your windows! Seal any cracks or holes you may have that could cause the cold air to get into your home. This will not only save the cold air coming in but any heat getting out.
  • 5- Replacing halogen light bulbs with new LED lights, which last longer is always a good money saving tip. This can save you around £3-£4 a year per bulb, which may not seem like a massive saving but in the long run, you will be glad that you made the change!

We hope these small changes will have a lasting effect with the rapid rate in which the cost of living is rising on your household. For further information on how the Government is offering to help, please click here.