Family DIY craft ideas for the home!

- Tue 21 Apr 2020

Are you stuck for ideas with occupying the children at home? Get the whole family connected with some of our suggestions below.

Your family goal collage

Why not create a visual reminder of all the things you wish to achieve after lockdown by creating a collage of them. Each person can add their own personal goals or aims as well as family ones and then once finished, place the collage somewhere where all family members get to see it so that once lockdown is over, and the government guidelines allow, you can start achieving your family goals.

Chalk board walls

Bring some fun to the home by having chalk walls or charts where all family members can come together and share activity ideas for the week, write shopping lists and family rules or goals. Chalk walls are also useful in children’s bedrooms as large feature drawing walls where they can be creative, revise or plan their weekly calender. You can order chalk paint online from most DIY stores for under £5!

Get creative with Corks!

Give your picture frames a new, rustic look. You don’t have to spend any more money to accessorise your home, use what you already have. Save your corks from any corked bottles until you have enough to cover your picture frame. Glue gun the flat edge of the corks to the frame ensuring you also give the curved touching sides of the corks together to make sure the frame is sturdy and stable.

Garden Plant Jars

Save your jam jars and create decorative, contemporary plant pots for the garden. Layer your jam jars with sand, compost, moss, stones or plants to give a visually pleasing effect that will look great on tables, decking and window ledges.

Modern Plant Pots

Spray paint any spare or unused plant pots you have with metallic gold or silver paint and dot them around the house in corners for a contemporary yet homely feel. Alternatively if you are looking for some family fun you can let the children paint any spare plant pots to match the décor of their bedrooms. Once dry, pot some plants and let the children grow and look after them.

Hand print Wall Art

Add a feature to a neutral wall by creating a family hand print canvas. You will need a canvas and as many colours of paint there is family members in the household. Dip your hands in a colours of paint and then press them into the canvas. Overlap and layer the hand prints, print them at different angles and directions and make sure the whole family gets involved for an abstract, personal painting to brighten up a neutral room.