Fancy buying a little piece of weird and wonderful England?

- Fri 27 Feb 2015

It is that time of year again when the team at Bradleys are getting rather excited about bringing over 40 redundant lots to auction on behalf of our clients at South West Water. Year on year the interest continues to grow from all over the globe for these weird and wonderful lots. This particular auction sees lots ranges from a £1,000 guide price for 200 square meters of overgrown amenity land on the outskirts of Bodmin in Cornwall to 7.7 acres of Dartmoor featuring a reservoir, trees and moorland (pictured above). One of my favourites is the piece of Nomansland, near Looe in Cornwall, partly because of the name but the views, the potential and the location all make it attractive.

So what makes this so popular? What makes people from 26 different countries on average visit our website to seek a little piece of the West Country, sometimes without ever having been there? There is of course the commercial aspect, we are an island and as we see our population grow there is less land available each year, so therefore potentially there is a financial gain to be had. There is also those that seek a challenge amongst us that spots an underground water storage tank and sees the potential to create a home or a rather alternative ‘man shed’! I guess the overriding answer is the desire for just about everyone wanting to have their own piece of land that they can do as they see they see fit with. The lots that we bring to auction provide that opportunity and with such a diverse offering, it will always attract a wide audience that in turn provides over a million hits on our website and an average of 4 bidders per lot.

Having been involved in not just the sale of land by auction but also the sale of land generally, the reason that I enjoy it so much is the simple fact that it is so varied. I’m not just talking about the land itself but the enquiries we receive and the ideas people have simply never cease to amaze me. The high levels of interest we receive therefore lead to the success we enjoy, although it helps having the specialist knowledge of our Land Department to be able to refer any queries to and therefore ensure we maximise the potential with any piece of land that we are instructed to sell.

We are fortunate that we are being asked to sell more land than ever before and so I would suggest that if you are not already registered, to contact us and join our database. I would also suggest that you come along to one of our auctions and see for yourself, the frenzy that occurs on auction day. It might just be me but I think it is really exciting and must be experienced!

So what to do next?

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Kai Logan - Bradleys Marketing Manager

Kai Logan
Bradleys Marketing Manager