Find out the latest rules on moving home under the current restrictions

- Tue 22 Dec 2020

2020 has been a year of change for everyone in one way, shape or form and therefore 2021 may well be similar, at least to start with anyway.

With thousands of home buyers planning a move before the end of March when the stamp duty holiday is planned to end, many will be hoping that the rules don’t change again to impact their move.

In addition, many people that have reviewed their lives and put change off until the Covid situation is less threatening, may have planned for 2021 to be the time they move. Whilst we await more positive news regarding Covid, we hope that you can start making your plans now ready for the year ahead.

Whether it be for personal, work related, family or purely a choice move you can check out the latest guidance from the government by reading the link below:

Government guidance on moving home during Covid-19

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