Get your garden Spring ready!

- Tue 02 Mar 2021

After a long weekend of sunshine you may well have taken advantage already and started work on your garden, although if you haven’t yet there is plenty of time left to get out into the garden and start digging. Investing some time now will ensure your garden will be well planned and you won’t scramble at the last minute to find a plant you really wanted or needed. We’ve put together a few tips to ensure your garden is looking its best ready for Spring.

Before anything else, you need to do a thorough clear up of your garden. Grab a cup of tea and pull up your deck chair so that you can sit in the sunshine and figure out what needs doing and where to start. Usually there will be winter debris that has fallen onto your lawn such as sticks and branches, rocks or fallen over pots from bad weather. Clear this up first so that you have a blank canvas to work with.

Next, you need to ensure that all left over leaves from fall have been cleared, yes they can still be on your lawn, hidden in plant beds and sheltered corners of your garden! Like all plants, grass needs sunlight to survive. A build up of fallen leaves can block this vital element and suffocate your grass causing muddy bald patches underneath.

Make sure your flower beds are best prepared to grow your seasonal blooms. De-weed your flower beds sooner rather than later as those weeds will compete with your flowers for sunlight and grow much faster, stealing their nutrients that they need to thrive. Deadhead any flowers that you left over from winter to make sure they look pretty and are ready to bloom in time for spring.

Prepare your garden soil ready for this seasons vegetables. Pull out last season’s veggies (if you haven’t already) and make sure you dig your beds and add some new compost or horse manure mixed in with your soil. The spring rain will allow the compost to seep further into your beds and get them ready for a good growing season.

Prune and trim your plants to train them to keep or grow into the shape you would like. If you have any fruit trees that you don’t want to produce lots of new growth and take over more space in your garden, spring is a great time to start pruning. The simplest form of fruit tree is a cordon, a single, supported straight stem studded with short fruiting spurs that receive most of the plant's vigour and light.

For the first three years until fruiting begins, the aim of pruning is to develop the shape by tying in the main stem, or leader, and shortening new side shoots, or laterals, to three leaves beyond their basal cluster of leaves. Any leading branches cut back a few buds. Make sure you remove all deadwood and diseased branches and cut out any branches that are crossing over.

If you can’t get out and plant anything just yet, make a plan. Maybe you want to move things around a bit, redesign your flower beds and try out new flowers that you had your eye on last summer. Order any seeds and bulbs you want to plant so these are ready to go once you are able to get digging- Lily of the valley looks beautiful and smells delicious!

Start seeding indoors, this can be really fun whilst it isn’t quite the weather to plant outside yet and all of the family can get involved. You can look into purchasing a heated seeding tray for best results although a warm and bright window sill is also perfectly fine. Tomatoes and peppers work really well when started off indoors. Planting seeds indoors first only means you can enjoy pretty blooms and tasty crops for a larger part of the year!

Whether you are preparing your home for spring in general or specifically for a house sale, we hope you have found this article useful. The external presentation of your home is just as important as the internal. The more effort you make now, the easier your viewers can imagine themselves living in your home and it hopefully will lead to more interest and offers on your property.

If you have any other enquiries in regards to preparing your home to sell, contact your local Bradleys branch. We would love to help!