Helston celebrates Flora Day

- Wed 11 May 2022

One of Cornwall’s most celebrated traditional events has returned after two years off because of Covid-19! With hundreds of people lining the streets on Sunday 8th May, Helston residents celebrate marking the first day of spring by decorating buildings and dancing through the streets.

Flora Day is a spring festival to celebrate the end of winter and mark the arrival of the new vitality and fertility with the trees and flowers bursting into life. The houses and shops of the town are decorated with greenery and floral arrangements to express the spirit of renewal. At 7:00AM in the morning when the big bass drum strikes, the first beat of the dance begins and the spirit of the day is stirred and the celebrations can commence.

Martin Clements, Manager of Bradleys Helston commented “It’s fantastic to see the whole town come together to celebrate a great Cornish tradition. We had great fun as an office decorating our front door but also felt real pride seeing all the other local businesses coming together after what has been such a difficult two years during various lockdowns. It’s great to see pre-Covid traditions slowly happening again as we have officially said goodbye to Winter for now, here’s to sunnier months ahead and happier times!”

The West Country benefits from many fun and interesting traditions across the region, if you are looking to move to a community that comes together in the hardest of times and celebrates the good times, get in touch with one of our Bradleys Estate Agents today and our team of experts can help you on your next property journey.