Horrendous weather affects property market?

- Wed 08 Jan 2014

Over a Dinner table at the weekend after a Saturday of curtailed sport due to bad weather, a friend asked "does all this bad weather affect your business?"

Reflecting on the subject momentarily and knowing that during the same period of this horrendous weather our sales figures have held up I answered yes and no! Let me explain.

Over the last 7 Winters, weather has been used as an excuse for a poor market as had many other events such as The World Cup, Greek default possibly even, too hot weather. However since last April we can chart a definite change in the market...call it an uplift in confidence, possibly the introduction of Help to buy. In any case, so far the weather, even at its most horrible, has not put off buyers seeking to move as our upbeat viewing figures already suggest for January. It does not stop there. Many more homes have come to the market with Bradleys. Perhaps homes with leaky. Roofs or walls have motivated some vendors to sell up!

It is not just the improving market that has put a stop to weather related inertia, the way buyers start their property search used to begin with tramping the High Street registering with agents....not now. Buyers browse the market and happily set up property alerts in the comfort of a warm home sheltered from the elements whatever they may be doing. A major shift in buying habits Bradleys have embraced through their evening and weekend customer care centre.

Oh and yes, weather can affect market activity. You know what we are all like with a 1cm of snow. Everything comes to a stop!

Happy house hunting. keep warm.