How many homes do you think sell within 30 days?

- Wed 05 Jun 2024

A recent article by shared by Colby Short, Co-founder and CEO of GetAgent explains how just 14% of homes are selling within 30 days of listing in some city’s…

Performance varies greatly from one city to another, it was found, with London, Leicester and Birmingham all performing poorly in comparison to other cities. Leicester saw just 9.8% sold within a month, with London at 11.6% not much better and Birmingham recording 15.8%. In Sheffield, agents are selling 22.9% of all homes listed within 30 days of them hitting the market. In Bristol, the figure is 22.6% of homes are finding a buyer within a month, while in Newcastle it’s 22.5% and Leeds 20.4%.

With the figures provided above, this shows us that within the faster moving cities, there is a disappointing number of properties that have agreed to a sale in a months’ time.

However, at Bradleys Estate agents there is a solution! Bradleys are offering sellers an opportunity to find a buyer for their home in just 30 days! Being the largest independent estate agency in the South West, Bradleys have come out fighting this year and are successfully securing many sales in this time period across the region from Taunton all the way to Penzance.

The 30-day challenge is targeting sellers who are serious about moving to contact Bradleys to discuss their move with their range of property experts across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

If this sounds of interest to you, and you want Bradleys to take on the 30-day challenge for your property, you can either contact your local Bradleys office directly or can book a valuation appointment below…