How will the Homebuyer Show benefit someone selling their property?

- Tue 17 Aug 2021

Having attended previous events with great success, the one thing to highlight is the fact there are thousands of buyers attending over the 2 days with a wide and diverse criteria being sought and with such a vast choice of property in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, we are able to cater well for the motivated buyers we meet.

For example, we met investors looking for a solid return on their property investment, a large number of people looking to get out of the fast pace city life and relocate to the South West then there were wealthy buyers looking for a second home and even people with several million who were seeking to buy portfolios – something for every type of property!

The difference with this event is that there will be guaranteed buyers in attendance and with a team of excellent staff from our company to promote the properties, we expect another successful exhibition.

We are not hiring a London Estate Agents back office for a day or even a window space which is another common alternative but an actual event with real buyers!

As the event is free to enter and there are lots of free seminars featured throughout the weekend by industry experts it attracts lots of buyers with plenty of reasons to attend.

If you are interested in getting your home featured at the forthcoming event simply contact your local Bradleys Team or arrange your valuation appointment via our website.