Kathy and Luke complete John O’Groats to Lands End!

- Wed 01 Sep 2021

Kathy Cook from Bradleys Plympton branch and her husband Luke have triumphantly completed the enormous challenge of cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End in 11 days, totally unsupported!

Upon Kathy’s return we asked her a few questions to which she commented on:

What was your hardest day?

Day 5 for both of us was the hardest day! A 300m high climb of what felt to be a mountain, it went on and on and on... The only highlight was the incredible 360’ view when we finally reached the top! This was also our longest day, 12 hours riding with very minimal stopping times, finally reaching our hobbit hut at 9pm that evening! Apparently its takes longer going up a hill than going down it!


Was there a worst moment?

On day 10 the pain in joints and bottoms had majorly increased! We had to take a brief moment at a cross roads outside Taunton to breath, and have a word with ourselves! Luckily this was the only time we had to do this.

There has to be a best moment, what was it?

There is a fine line between best moment and funniest-best moment!

The best moment was Finishing our final climb of the ride (14/14 climbs for day 11 alone) hand in hand – holding up all the traffic. A huge sigh of relief from both of us with only 10k left to complete the whole trip. No more hills!

The funniest (especially looking back) would be after a slight accident I had earlier that day, ultimately breaking my bike, we had to cross a river to get to the campsite that saved us. (we were meant to stay 25km further down the road, but my bike was now un-rideable) we donned our flip flops and started to push our bikes with all of our kit attached through the water. Within the first few steps my (Kathy) flip flops came apart in the current and I wobbled to gain, and then lose my balance and landed on my bottom in the river! Luckily Luke managed to get all of this on film! It’s fair to say I wasn’t very happy at the time, however every time the video is played we both look back and laugh!

How much did you raise?

As of 1st September at 10:45 we are on £4,520 – 90% with a target of £5000. All money raised will be going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Is there anyone you would like to mention?

So many people to thank for helping us before, during and after the journey.

Rockin Bikes in Yelverton- always helping us out, our friends & families for endless support, transport and words of wisdom (and dog sitting)! Not forgetting the incredible people we met along the way: Jayne and Richard, Morris, The Old Spot Bakery in Mark!

From all of us here at Bradleys Estate Agents we want to congratulate both Kathy and Luke for their tremendous efforts in raising money for a charity very close to their hearts. Please follow the link to their website, read their blog posts about the 11 days they spent on a bike and donate as much or as little as you can.

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