Keeping cool at home this week

- Wed 13 Jul 2022

I’m sure that we all welcome the fact that the warm weather has finally arrived and our British summer can begin. However, as England isn’t the most exotic of countries weather wise, we aren’t always equipped to deal with temperatures that reach as high as 30 degrees. With that mind, we have put together a list of ways you can keep cool this summer!

  • 1- Make sure that you keep your curtains or blinds closed, especially if you have West and North facing windows. If you can keep the heat out of your house during the day, it will be much cooler by the evening.
  • 2- Make your own at home ice lollies! It can be as simple as mixing water and squash together and pouring them in to a mould, if you don’t have a mould a plastic cup or plastic wine glass would be a perfect alternative. Then all you have to do is put a lolly pop stick in the mixture, pop it in the freezer and wait for it to turn solid – thank us later!
  • 3- A more common hack to staying cool is making sure you have a fan. There are many different styles and types and if you want a treat, there are even fans that don’t make a sound!
  • 4- Choose cotton – Cotton fabrics are much more breathable and lightweight than any other material and will therefor help cool your body. If you can, wear light loose clothing made of breathable fabrics and fit your bed with cotton sheets.
  • 5- Enjoy eating outside in the fresh air! Whilst we have dry weather, it would be rude no to sit outside whilst eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you are under a parasol or sheltered by shade it will definitely be cooler than inside!

We hope that the above five tips will help you feel cooler at home this week, please make sure that you stay safe in the heat and tag us in your posts on social media should you give any of the tips a try, especially the ice lollies!