Land in high demand during lockdown!

- Fri 17 Apr 2020

We’re all adjusting to what we hope is a short term way of life, whether that be working from home, on temporary leave, or simply housebound for the best part of each day.

It has been reported that online activity is at an all-time high and whilst that probably doesn’t surprise any of us, one thing that did was the amount of interest and activity we have experienced over the last few weeks in parcels of land that we are selling.

We sell a wide range of land parcels whether it be a strip of unused garden or hectares of development land, although the upsurge in activity has been on the smaller parcels, in particular, starting from about £10,000 up to around £75,000.

One particular piece of land measuring just over half an acre (0.55 acre), that is being marketed in East Cornwall on the edge of a village at a guide of £11,000 has received thousands of views online resulting in tens of calls to the local office and in the local Managers words; “We could sell this a dozen times over!” Other recent land sales include a plot measuring 0.077 acres that started a guide of £9,500 and achieved £28,000. Another in a popular South Devon location that measured around the same size featured lots of overgrown vegetation and after launching at a guide of £39,000 ended up selling for £55,000!

So what is the reason for this upsurge in land interest?

We have always seen high demand for land and as a relatively small island, we all know there is a finite amount of land left and therefore many people will see land as a secure investment over time. During the lockdown investors are unable to visit homes, although many will take the view they don’t need to see a parcel of land and are still happy to buy. The final point on this and an element that will ensure the best price is achieved for the seller is that neighbouring home or landowners will not want someone else to buy it and therefore have a vested interest in bidding too.

One element that must be considered is the method by which we sell many of these parcels of land; our online auction platform, which if you haven’t come across it previously has been described as ‘e-bay for land/property’. By selling through our online auction format, it ensures the best price in a quick timescale and therefore everyone enjoys a successful transaction as it’s simple and quick.

So will any other surprises unravel themselves during lockdown? Time will, of course, tell although we would advise if you have any unwanted land, regardless of the size we would love to discuss this with you.

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