Land sales across the South West accelerate in 2014

- Thu 01 May 2014

Part of the diverse range of services Bradleys Estate Agents offer is a land sales and advice service aimed at the land owner looking to maximise the value of their asset.

It seems no surprise that with the Government relying on a house building boom to largely improve the economy that house builders have targeted an increase in their business but need land as a starting point.

The Government has relaxed certain planning laws in order to bring this land forward, and whist we, as a company, have agreed sales on over £2million of land this in April, these sales have been the result of a minimum of two years’ hard work in the planning process. This is an acute problem in land provision generally, not only in the South West, but also nationally.

Whilst there may be more land being promoted for development, local authorities have not scaled up their planning departments to cope with the additional work. Whilst sales of land for development have accelerated in 2014 it may be doubtful whether this will continue into 2015 with a backlog of planning permissions awaiting decision and the average time to prepare and issue an application and reach a decision still taking well in excess of 16 months (quicker if selling a single plot).

Whilst the route from taking a piece of land without planning through the planning process to an ultimate sale may be torturous, the end result is worthwhile. Bradleys Estate Agents are able to advise on this route. There are many options available which will allow a land owner to realise the full potential of their asset without having to pay for planning permission in the first place.

If this is something you have thought about with regard to land you may own by all means give me a call and I will be more than happy to provide an initial free appraisal.

Chris Baxter - Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

Chris Baxter
Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

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