Looking for Half Term Activities at home? Look no further!

- Wed 16 Feb 2022

If you have found that the first school break of 2022 has quietly crept up on you, worry not! We have gathered together some useful activities that you can enjoy whilst your little ones are off school to help keep them entertained.

  • Firstly, no matter the weather you can make meal times fun and exciting by creating an indoor picnic. Set out a picnic blanket of food and eat your dinner (or lunch) as though you were having a picnic – You could always invite their teddy bears to join in on the fun too?
  • Have an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt! You could even use this to help with the household chores! Write a list of things you need to find around the house and put a time limit on how long they have to find the items. You can be creative by putting some things in the form of clues, so everyone has to figure out what the object is. You could make it even more exciting by having a small prize.
  • Do you have lots of family pictures? Making a scrapbook or photo album is the best way to store them safely whilst also having them at easy access to flick through when you want to re-live the lovely memories you once made. This is also a great activity for the whole family to get involved with by each having a page and choosing your favourite pictures to represent your favourite memories!
  • Baking is an activity that always goes down a treat and the best thing about it, is that you reward yourself with a treat at the end! The easiest bakes that will entertain all ages are chocolate rice crispy cakes. All you need is a box of rice crispies, chocolate and some cupcake cases and remember the messier it gets, the better.
  • Similar to the family collage, why not make a dream holiday collage! Find some old magazines or even source images on the internet and ask each person to create their perfect holiday collage featuring all the things they would like to do. Who knows, you may well pick a winner and that dream holiday could become a reality one day!

Whether you decide to give all five fun activities a go or just choose one, creating a bit of fun at home this half term will be great for all the family.