Market your home to its maximum potential!

- Fri 06 Nov 2020

With the announcement of the second lockdown, social media marketing has never been more important. Although Bradleys are open for business offering a full range of services including physical viewings and valuations, the majority of buyers will now be at home for the next 4 weeks scrolling through property websites and social platforms making it an essential time to market your property correctly. When selling your home, you want your property to be promoted in as many places where your potential buyers can be found.

Property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla are the most prominent platforms to market your property. Buyers who are actively looking for a home will go to these platforms at first point of call. Bradleys offer a range of packages to make sure their property listings are as engaging and informative as possible and enhance the chance of a successful sale or let. With the announcement of the Stamp Duty holiday from the Government, data from Rightmove has shown Traffic to be up almost 50% on October 2019, the biggest annual jump since 2006. With buyer demand up significantly and the competitive nature of the housing market, you need your property to stand out.

To make sure your property is prominently marketed, Bradleys offer The Ultimate Viewing Experience. The Ultimate viewing experience includes a 3D tour and property video of your home, boosting your property’s presence on property portals and ideal for social media platforms. Buyers are three times more engaged with a property listed with a tour. They are probably the most comprehensive way of viewing a property online, whether on the go or from the comfort of your sofa you are able to look in every room of the property and even use a measuring tool to measure up furnishings!

Property videos give your property the wow factor. Bradleys are also able to use cinematography in their property videos. Where possible to fly drones, Bradleys employ the use of a drone operative to fly high above the property highlighting its surroundings and even sweep through the grounds of the property. With over 375,000 views and a YouTube channel dedicated to our property videos, they certainly prove popular on our social media platforms.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can reach thousands of buyers. Your potential buyers already use social media! As humans we are very visual people, showcasing your property photographs, tours and videos on Facebook and Instagram will attract thousands of potential buyers without them having to search on a property portal. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm as to why something shows up in someone’s feed. It cleverly feeds posts to certain people based on their interests and current searches, creating certain audiences and pin pointing the most likely buyers for your home. Bradleys already has an average people reached of 100,000 people per week. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, activity was up 70% in the first lockdown. Now is a very good time to market your property with an agent like Bradleys who already have good engagement and social media presence, combined with the likely increase of traffic the second lockdown.

Our award-winning website offers clients access to local, national and international buyers. Our professional website showcases your property 24/7 giving maximum exposure from anywhere in the world. Offering a variety of ways to view and interact with the properties on show including our full screen photographs, property videos and 3D tours mentioned earlier as well as enlarged floor plans - some of which feature interactive photos, all of which mean buyers are able to get a real feel ahead of booking a viewing. Our website is also optimised to be viewed on all platforms and devices available whether buyers are looking from home, on the go on their mobile or their work tablet.

If you are thinking of selling, contact your nearest Bradleys to see how we can market your property and get you moved into your dream home! Find your nearest branch