New “Budget Boosters” available for those aged 60 and over!

- Tue 20 Jul 2021

As the sunny days and longer evenings continue, we’re giving our customers one more reason to celebrate this summer. Available now, our “Budget Boosters” are quick and simple online calculators which can be found across our site and are exclusively for home movers aged 60 and over.

With close to 30 years’ experience offering a complete property service, we understand the market and our customers inside out. Knowing that home purchasing options are limited for the older mover, we partnered with Homewise in 2018 to help more people aged sixty or over to find their ideal home and retire happy.

Together with Homewise, we can now show an instant estimate of how much your budget could be boosted up to and, on every property listing, see just how much you may be able to save on the cost to secure the property.

So, whether you are looking to secure a more expensive property or use less of your current budget to create savings and still find the dream home, we can help.

Providing bespoke solutions for our customers

For every customer we work with their moving goals are different, this is especially true for those moving later in life.

Now more so than ever, motivations can be driven by a desire to live closer to loved ones, a need to clear financial burdens, or to move to a more idyllic location in a property suitable for the future, for example.

In some cases, renting seems like a simple solution; however, this poses its own risks and concerns for those aged 60 and over. Options can be limited, and a relaxed retirement may feel impossible to achieve.

Working in partnership with Homewise, we’re proud to provide our customers with a bespoke solution uniquely suited to their needs, a “Home for Life Plan”.

In essence, the Home for Life Plan is a Lifetime Lease. It’s not a mortgage or equity release scheme; it is an alternative option for people aged 60+ to secure their next home for significantly less than the market price.

A Lifetime Lease is tailored specifically to the customer and could provide a simple solution for you to boost your affordability and secure your dream home - and enable you to create financial security too!

Many customers we speak with want to move to a more suitable home, wishing to be closer to loved ones or in a better location; they may have debts to clear, or are divorcing and their onward moving budget will be limited – whatever their moving goals or situation we could help.

Could a Lifetime Lease be the right solution for you?

With a boosted budget, you could...

  • Live in your perfect property
  • Move to a better area to enjoy your retirement
  • Relocate closer to family or friends
  • Clear mortgages, loans, equity release and other debts
  • Secure a guaranteed future inheritance for loved ones
  • Gift an early inheritance now
  • Create savings for the future
  • Free up money to enjoy your retirement

Having received the ultimate accolade of ‘Best Customer Service in the UK’ 6 years in a row, we’ll always champion services to support our customers and remain committed to helping you find your ideal home.

Thanks to the quick and easy Budget Boosters available on our website, in just a few clicks, you can instantly discover the boost you could receive, helping your moving goals become reality sooner.

Try our Over 60s Budget Booster today and begin your property search right away! Click here to find out more