New railway will have positive impact on Okehampton house prices

- Tue 23 Mar 2021

Following the news that the Dartmoor rail line will be the first that is re-instated as part of the Department for Transports ‘restoring your railway’ initiative later this year, there is real optimism locally and for many in the surrounding areas that will benefit from it not to mention the positive impact on property values it is likely to bring.

The work between Network Rail, GWR and partners is aiming to see trains running regularly once again into Okehampton from Exeter by the end of 2021 and possibly even by the end of October if all goes well. The journey will be expected to take around 40 minutes into Exeter St Davids and will run every two hours, which will include a number of trips suitable for commuters.

The line will run from Okehampton to Crediton (where it will be possible to change trains and join the Tarka line to Barnstaple) and then on to Exeter St Davids. Approximately half of the journeys will run on to Exeter Central, with this number due to increase at a later date.

Making Okehampton more accessible, and with it the northern tip of Dartmoor, will have huge benefits not only for the locals that have campaigned for the line to be reopened but also provide the area with an increased in day trippers. With the whole area becoming more accessible in addition to the increase in demand from homemovers seeking more space, there is a strong likelihood that house values will see a positive impact, all of which provides a welcome boost for the local economy.

Bradleys Okehampton Branch Manager, Steve Ridgway, commented “We are really excited about the news and look forward to the first trains arriving and departing again from Okehampton Station for the first in almost 50 years! The campaigners have done a wonderful job and I think everyone locally joins me in thanking them, they have helped put Okehampton back on the map and we think there is an exciting new era ahead for local businesses and the economy as a whole.”