Not going abroad this Summer? We've got you covered!

- Tue 13 Jul 2021

As restrictions begin to ease, precaution is still in the air for many regarding travelling abroad this year. Fear not, we have put together 5 fun tips to create your very own holiday in your back garden!

1. Exotic plants! Add some plants to your relaxing space, the larger the better. Picture terracotta pots with potted palm trees or Cordylines planted in a bed of white stones to add to the ambience.

2. Cocktails at the home bar- As we have all found following recent events, life sometimes gives you lemons but with that you can make lemonade and serve it from your very own at home bar! Whether it is simply a shelf attached to an outside wall, or some old pallets constructed together with a makeshift sign and some string fairy lights all over- you can make it your perfect place to mix up your favourite cocktails or mocktails.

3. Create a mini beach – Mainly for the youngsters, but if you are craving the feeling of sand between your toes, you might enjoy it too! Grab a bucket and spade, maybe a few shells you have collected from previous beach holidays and sit back in your sun lounger whilst your little ones are amused for hours.

4. Seating is key! You need to prioritise comfort to really feel the essence of being abroad. A popular choice for a holiday feel is sofa style seating. This is where rattan designs come in, unfortunately we cannot always predict the weather in UK and many rattan designs are waterproof, including the seat cushions! So, come rain or shine your garden will always look holiday ready.

5. Pick a perfect pool- No summer retreat is complete without a pool. I am sure we would all love the real deal nestled in our back garden however just as much fun can be had from a paddling pool! Grab an inflatable drinks holder, close your eyes and you are in paradise!

Whether you create all 5 or just choose one, creating a little piece of paradise will help you relax and enjoy your garden that little bit more this summer.