Our 3 time saver tips to legally prepare for your move

- Wed 21 Sep 2022

When you’ve made the decision to make a move, often your attention will be focused upon finding an estate agent and choosing what price to ask for your home, not perhaps the lesser exciting element of finding a solicitor to carry out your Conveyancing, although perhaps it should be!

The Conveyancing process has been scrutinised for many years with past governments attempting to address this with the likes of the Home Information Packs, which resulted in a swift U-turn. The position we find ourselves in currently, without any wholesale change in the process due anytime soon, is simply to be prepared yourself.

There are several small steps you can take to help your move become a little less stressful, here are our top 3;

  • 1. Prepare all documentation in relation to your property by collating it ready to pass to your solicitor. This will include any warranties, guarantees for any works, receipts, invoices, and certificates.
  • 2. Look to instruct a law firm with a Specialist Conveyancing department with a sound reputation. Online reviews and recommendations are an excellent way to find suitable companies. Do not select a firm by low headline costs, these are often very misleading and are back ended with expensive and unnecessary add-ons which will result in paying far higher costs.
  • 3. Ask if a no sale, no fee service is available. This can provide you peace of mind in instructing a law firm the moment you market your property and not when you find a buyer without incurring costs in case your position changes.

    With the average timescale from agreeing an offer to completion hovering around 20 weeks, the more you can prepare upfront, the more time you will save in what will become the stressful end of the transaction. Using our tips above, we would expect to save between 2-4 weeks, which won’t seem important at the outset although you’ll be very glad you did come the end.