Our 3 top tips to prepare your garden for winter

- Wed 21 Sep 2022

If you are thinking of putting your garden to bed for winter, look no further. We have put together 3 useful tips you need to know to make sure that opening your garden back up again in spring next year will be as easy as possible!

  • 1 – Cover up your Garden beds. Although many of us end up adding it in the spring, you really want to add compost in late autumn in order to let the soil soak up those nutrients over the winter. Add a couple of inches of compost or manure on top of your beds any time before the ground freezes. Then, add a light layer of straw or mulch to prevent soil erosion, nutrient leaching and weed development.
  • 2- Make sure you prepare your trees and shrubs! Don’t prune your trees and shrubs right before winter. Even if they look a little overgrown, wait until spring. Pruning involves removing tissue and opening wounds that will have no time to heal before the cold arrives. Pruning also stimulates a tree or shrub to attempt to grow, but any new growth produced in the fall is likely to be killed because it has not had any time to harden off or become woodier.
  • 3- Help Your Garden Helpers. Be proactive! Keep bird feeds topped up. Birds especially appreciate fatty, high-energy foods (such as suet) during the colder months. Establish a feeding routine so you don’t forget about the birds when you’re not in the garden as often.

We hope these tips will help your garden survive winter and thrive in spring!