Pain relief for property repairs

- Wed 05 Mar 2014

After my Maintenance Team within Bradleys Property Management were overrun with calls during the past spell of unrelenting weather, I felt I had to streamline the system. I therefore turned to technology yet again to help the team manage the high volumes of maintenance issues that resulted from the horrendous storms.

Bradleys now operate an online maintenance, repairs and issue reporting system for the Rentals Properties under their Management, assisted by a web solution from Fixflo. Providing a simple system that enables tenants to report their issue, the picture based diagnostic system prompts users to provide accurate information, ensuring a complete report with a full description and options for photographs. These reports are then relayed to both landlord and contractor. Nothing is missed.

Tenants can also log a problem in up to 40 different languages which will be accurately translated in the report received by the maintenance team. The whole process is far more efficient and enables delivery of faster repairs.

All of this is not to say that Emergencies cannot be reported in a conventional manner. Of course, it is very important that urgent issues are attended to very quickly, if they are of a nature that would be of danger to life or of imminent peril to the structure of the property.

As I have over many years, I will continue to employ the most up to date systems and processes to continually improve the service we provide to our clients. Next: Tenant pre-referencing. Watch this space….

Have a look for yourself how easy repair reporting is at

Lyndon Bent - Bradleys Commercial Director

Lyndon Bent
Bradleys Commercial Director