Paint trends for 2021!

- Tue 23 Feb 2021

It crosses almost every sellers mind before placing their home up for sale whether to paint various rooms in their house and therefore we frequently get asked; what colour shall I paint the house?

The colours we thoughtfully select for our walls plays an important role, serving as the backdrop to how we live within our homes. More than purely decorative, colour is emotive and can enhance how we feel about our personal spaces.

A simple paint shade can have an impact on our emotions and how we feel about a certain space. Getting your colour scheme right is key to creating a happy home and most importantly helping to sell our home when the time is right. We have chosen the top 3 colour trends set for 2021 to give you some inspiration for your home.


Blue is the colour of calm, when used correctly it can really make a home feel light and airy. Naturally blues are often associated with water, but you can really use this colour to great effect in living rooms and dining rooms as well as bathrooms and toilets. While trend-led blues have been inspiring interior schemes for a while now, they're not going anywhere in 2021. Whether you're planning to give your kitchen a facelift or want to spruce up a tired-looking living room, blue is the one to choose. The blues best suited to anchoring our homes in 2021 are cleaner tones such as a steel grey-blue or powder cottage blue, depending on the age and style of your property, which still allows your home to feel bright and spacious. The darker inkier blues are still a top trend for larger rooms and properties- similar to our Bradleys blue! These uncomplicated shades feel familiar, like memories from our childhood, so have a soothing effect in the home despite their cooler undertones.

If you are painting smaller spaces blue, such as your bathroom, think about incorporating white or off-white walls with the blue too. A current trend is to split your walls horizontally with the darker colour at the bottom and a white on top to really open the space up yet still add character and personality to the room. Similar to the dado rail era… minus the dado rail!


Your potential buyers may be looking for a new home with new ideas but one thing never changes…neutral paints colours are still a go-to, and picking the right one for your space can make or break a design. A light and calming paint colour can help your buyers start the viewing off with a clean and clear head space.

Grey was the ultimate 2020 neutral favourite. Although grey is still a timeless neutral, the new trend is to warm up the colour palette of the room by incorporating grey with milky and almond style neutrals. We are not bringing back magnolia! More of a restorative, spa type of neutral. Off whites, grounded beiges, greiges and cool wicker shades all work and are great in smaller areas too such as hallways, landings, nurseries and downstairs toilets.

Neutral rooms work well in all sizes and styles of homes, whether an ultra-modern minimalistic build or a characterful period cottage. Neutrals really open up the space in your home appearing clean and calming to viewers, they also see your home more of a blank canvas to envision what changes, if any, they would make to your home. You can still put your stamp on your neutral home by dressing it with different textures of curtains, cushions, rugs and blankets. Or by incorporating nature with neutrals to add more colour such as plants, wicker baskets and wooden furniture.

One thing to look out for is paler walls are not good for hiding imperfections. If you have older walls that need a little TLC opt for a darker colour, dress them with wall furniture such as shelves, hanging plants and canvas’s and draw the buyers attention to detail past the finish of the wall.


A colour late to the trend and set to soar in 2021 is green. Although avocado is set to make a come back this year, don’t scare your buyers off too soon, keep it simpler to appeal to more people and opt for a more common sage green or jewel emerald green. As humans we automatically see green as a relaxing colour, as its presence once meant there was water nearby. Adding green to your home can trigger feelings of optimism and happiness, a perfect combination for sellers!

For more spacious rooms with higher ceilings and for spaces that would benefit from a cosy dim lit appeal such as dining rooms, try a darker emerald green. Emerald green gives depth, style and opulence while also having the ability to feel as fresh and lively as newly-picked foliage, great for making statement rooms or adding your personality to your home without being too abstract that it would put buyers off. We are seeing more and more decorative household items such as plates, bowls and vases are opting to use this jewel tone. Bold, deep jewel tones provide inspiration and a lift in mood during all the hours at home, great for viewings any time of the day and year!

Sage green has a more organic, earthy feel and has neutral undertone. The colour is inspired by nature and ties in your garden and the outdoors with your home again making it an ideal colour for kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms. The charm of this colour lies in its natural tone and soothing aura, which brings comfort to the eye and transfers it to the entire interior. The neutral undertones in sage make it a great timeless colour to invest in and use it in more expensive parts of your home that you are less likely to change such as kitchen units, aga style ovens and statement hand painted cabinets.

So there are our 3 top 2021 trends for you to consider if you are thinking of redecorating before marketing your home or perhaps just giving a refresh.

If you would like more specific advice to achieve that quick sale or perhaps the best possible price for your home, call your nearest Bradleys Team who will be more than happy to help.