Sell your home your way with Bradleys Hide and seek service!

- Wed 06 Apr 2022

The property market has been running at sprinting pace for well over 12 months now and with that comes its problems, the main concern being that you can sell your home quickly but cannot find a suitable one to move to. This is where the latest service from award winning estate agency company, Bradleys latest offering comes into its own!

The Hide and Seek service was created to reassure homeowners looking to move that they won’t be put under pressure to sell to a particular buyer or move out in a timescale to suit their buyer when they aren’t ready to do so. Each home-mover has a slightly different situation so Bradleys Hide and Seek service ensures the sellers position remains the focal point, handpicked buyers are introduced to the property when the sellers have agreed for this to happen, all the while Bradleys are actively seeking a suitable home for the sellers to move to.

Group Sales Director, Darren Ellis explains “We want to reassure all sellers that we have their best interests at heart and for many, we realise it is a big step and one that can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and worry just thinking about it, particularly when they cannot find a suitable home for their onward move. Hide and Seek ensures we move at the sellers pace and use a variety of ways to actively search for a home that does match their requirements and ensures they experience a successful move with less stress.”

Bradleys Estate Agents Hide and Seek service is available through all 30 of their branches across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. In order to find out more simply contact your local office for a confidential chat and the local team will explain how they can help you move.