Shelter from the sun in style

- Tue 28 Jun 2022

As summer begins in the UK, many of us get out in the sun as soon as possible, dreaming of being on holiday somewhere, however, others prefer to sit in the shade whilst enjoying being outside. We have put together a list of affordable and easy ways to be out of the direct sunlight in your gardens this year!

  • 1- Garden furniture is key! When choosing your garden furniture, take in to account a two in one solution whereby it works in the space you want it to be put in as well as having an integrated parasol, roof or cover.
  • 2- Work with overhanging foliage – While most of the time we think that overhanging trees and hedges are a nuisance, sometimes you can work with, rather than against, to enjoy shady spaces. Work out which area of your garden gets the most shade from overhanging plants and plan around this accordingly.
  • 3- Create your own ad hoc canopy. Shade designs don’t have to be complicated or expensive, a simple fabric canopy creates shade wherever and whenever it is needed and choosing a brightly coloured fabric will make it a ‘destination’ in a large garden too.
  • 4- Float a simple sail – Create a small shaded spot with the simple placement of a sail shade gazebo. A lightweight sail shade is quick to assemble and fast becomes a garden essential, perfect for a whole range of outdoor events, from family gathering to spontaneous BBQs and more.
  • 5- Build your own pergola! You can create your own shaded area with planks of wood, fixed to an area of decking, as long as you have got the right tools you will be able to create this yourself and save lots of money by doing so. Once the pergola is set up, you can hang foliage from it for extra shade as well as fairy lights to make it cosy in the evenings.

Making shade in your garden is easier than you think and you can make your garden look prettier than before with our five easy and affordable tips above. If you try out any of our tips above in your garden this summer, be sure to tag us in a post on social media!