Tackle the New Year clutter!

- Mon 01 Feb 2021

The New Year hasn't quite been the start perhaps we all hoped for after 2020, and with news the lockdown has been extended maybe there is an opportunity to turn around and create some positive changes. Since we are all spending more time than ever at home, why not spend the time transforming it into that sought after spacious home. Clear out all of those bits and bobs you have been keeping 'in case' you may need them, send them to a new home and see your home appear bigger and lighter than ever. We have put together a quick and easy guide to de-clutter your home ready for the rest of the year or even perhaps ahead of a house move!

1. Take it step by step
Do not be put off by looking at every single part of your home that needs de cluttering. Nobody is expecting you to be able to declutter the entire place in 24 hours. Decide on where you want to start, this may be a room or a wardrobe. Getting the job done in smaller pieces will be far less stressful, more rewarding and you will probably find the more you declutter the more you will look forward to the next room the following day. Do not cause yourself unnecessary stress by trying to fit it all into one day, take your time and enjoy the process and your home begins to look more spacious by the day.

2. Don't hold onto unnecessary items
If you have not used that winter coat from 6 years ago that may one time come in useful, find it a new home… if you really needed it you would of wore it by now. Look for clothes banks and charity shops in your area, offer it to friends or family or even sell it online to make a few more pennies. Be decisive and strong, maybe have a rule where for every 10 items you keep you must donate 10 other items. Anything that will allow you to let go of the things cluttering up your home that you do not need.

3. Stop saving things for a later date
Did you get a luxurious pamper set last Christmas you are still yet to use? Use it! It's been 12 months and you still haven't allowed yourself a luxury pamper, you deserve it. Are you yet to use your expensive candle your friend bought you 2 years ago? Light it! All of these gifts have been bought for you to use and enjoy, not to be locked away at the back of the cupboard until 'there is a right time'. If you have gifts that you will probably not use then give them to someone special who you know will make more use of them than you will.

4. Get organised
For all of the items you are keeping, do not throw them back into the same pile you found them. Get organised and use trays, baskets, shelves so that your home looks neatly organised and everything has it's own place. If you do ever decide to move home, this will be a much easier process when you know where everything is and that nothing in your home is unnecessary. Think of it this way, if you de clutter and get organised, there may even be space for a new gift that you've been wanting to buy. Go on, treat yourself, but just the one! Don't be going and cluttering the space back up that you have just managed to clear.