The simple Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Home

- Wed 29 May 2024

Dreaming of your next move? Whether it's a home with more space or a seaside cottage, we're here to help. If you’re ready to put your plan into action our handy guide covers everything from finding an estate agent to moving day.

1. Find out the estimated value

Start by getting an estimated value of your home by searching online. Enter your postcode for an instant valuation and track your property’s worth.

2. Arrange a valuation

Book a free, expert valuation with a local estate agent to get an accurate assessment based on your home's condition and local market trends.

3. Check your mortgage

Review your mortgage options. Contact your lender to understand fees or benefits, especially if you can port your mortgage to your next property.

4. Choose the right Estate Agent

Select a trustworthy local agent. Look for recent sales in your area, ensure you have a good rapport with them, and ensure they have good marketing strategies.

5. Prepare your home

First impressions count. Declutter, clean, and enhance your home's curb appeal. Consider setting up a home office space, ensure the front garden or entrance is welcoming and neat, and address any peeling paint or piles of mail. This can go a long way towards capturing a potential buyer’s imagination in those first few moments.

6. Set the right asking price

Work with your agent to set a competitive but realistic price. Research similar property sales to guide your decision. There is a fine line between a price that will generate interest from buyers, and one that won’t.

7. Check your EPC

Ensure you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This document is essential for listing your home for sale. At Bradleys we can guide you through this and ensure all relevant documentation is up to date prior to your home going on the market.

8. Find a Solicitor

Instruct a solicitor early. They’ll handle the legal aspects of the sale. At Bradleys we can recommend local solicitors that we work with everyday to get the sale through quickly and efficiently. The earlier the solicitor is on board the faster to completion. With Bradleys Conveyancing services, we offer a no sale no fee conveyancing quote. Meaning if the sale were not to go through you would not pay legal fees, however if you were to go straight to a solicitor and not through Bradleys you would end up paying all relevant fees.

9. Accepting an offer

Stay flexible and responsive. Keep in close contact with your solicitor and agent to ensure a smooth process. Ensure to complete paperwork as quickly as you can to avoid further delays along the line.

10. Exchanging Contracts

Exchange contracts to legally bind the sale. Prepare for completion by reviewing the final statement and signing the transfer deed.

11. Preparing to move

Plan your move. Cancel insurance, read meters, and finalise moving arrangements.

12. Completion and Moving Day

On completion day, transfer ownership by moving out all possessions and leaving the property clean for the new owners.

Ready to sell? At Bradleys, we are here to provide you with the complete property service. With our extensive knowledge into the property market, we can guide you through the process of selling, finding, and purchasing your dream home. Click below to find your local office to arrange your valuation.