The South West Is The Best

- Mon 12 Sep 2022

My neighbour recently passed me a copy of her Daily Telegraph which had a whole pull-out on which were the best counties in the UK.

A detailed survey had been carried out as to all the attributes of each county, and I was delighted to see that Devon came out head and shoulders above the rest. And following hotly in fourth place was Somerset, with Cornwall five.

Marks were given for national parks, beaches, National Trust properties, Michelin starred restaurants etc etc etc. It was no mean feat for the South West to feature so well.

Having lived and worked down here all my life (sad but true) I can’t really comment on those places up country. But there are so many attractions down here, and reasons to be here, it is hardly surprising the South West does so well. And clearly this is the reason for the huge demand for property we have seen in the last few years.

My advice for anyone visiting the West Country, or looking to move here, is to look a bit further than just the normal attractions of Buckfast Abbey, shops at Totnes, or surfing at Croyde. I was in Barnstaple recently and looking at a property in the same area as the Barnstaple Heritage Trail. If you have a chance, it is worth a special look and the real little gem is the 14th century church near the pannier market. And if you are in Taunton you must look in at Augustus for lunch. It’s not Michelin starred but it is delightful. And the secret close to most peoples’ hearts near Exeter is the treacle mine at Dunchideock – well worth a visit.