The time is right and the time is now!

- Wed 05 Mar 2014

As every week of 2014 passes it becomes even more clear that now is the time to jump in to property ownership. If you weigh up the cost of renting for your life time against buying you will quickly calculate that it is generally cheaper to buy than to rent and you will eventually in 25 years' time end up with a property where you do not have to pay either a mortgage or rent. I have said before this year that mortgages are incredibly cheap and available, property is starting to move up and will be a sound investment over the coming years. There is confidence back in the market and Mark Carney has again said he will hold on to interest rates even if unemployment goes below 7%. It really doesn't get any better than this and if you are thinking of selling to move up in the market then now is the time as there is a good supply of buyers and the longer you delay the jump, the wider the gap in price will become as the % increase stretches the prices in a rising market. To be sure of getting the right price and achieving a sale make sure you use an agent with a good track record. Thanks to it is easy to identify who to trust with your most expensive asset and also who can make it happen for you. At this point you will see by looking at that Bradleys are ranked 3rd out of over 12,000 agents in the country for delivering customer service. Remember always use an agent others have been happy with, they will have certainly valued the property correctly in the first place to enable the deal to be done. If you over price an instruction it will go stale and you will end up having to reduce your price whilst the type of property you wanted to trade up to will have increased and possibly moved out of reach. Don't fall into that trap which can be set by some agents just to win your instructions. Thinking of selling? Use Bradleys, we have a fantastic allAgents rating and your dreams will have the very best chance to come true. We have a Customer Services department who are open until 10.00 at night who will be able to book your free valuation whilst our competitors here in the South West are closed for the evening. Put us to the test and request a free valuation by emailing

Francis Marshall - Bradleys Managing Director

Francis Marshall
Bradleys Managing Director