Trio leap from 15,000 feet for the Deaf Academy

- Mon 09 May 2016

It is not every day you agree to jump out of a plane from almost 3 miles above the earth’s surface but the three brave staff members felt that the Exeter Deaf Academy was well and truly worth such a daring challenge.

Elizabeth, Rosie and Jodi were all very keen when they signed up to raise money for the worthwhile cause earlier this year, however when the day arrived, the prospect was a little daunting to day the least as the girls explained after the event;

Elizabeth Davis, Manager of the Honiton branch commented “I can genuinely say I’ve never been so terrified in all my life. If it wasn’t for this amazing cause and the support I have received I could have easily changed my mind. I’m so pleased I’ve done it and would like to thank everyone who sponsored me.”

Rosie Ramsden, Manager of the Buckfastleigh branch, said “It was an amazing experience but I was so nervous beforehand. The support has been amazing from the moment I agreed to take part and I’m so pleased I jumped with the other two, who helped it make it a bit easier to see it through.”

Jodi Thomas, Senior Negotiator in the Taunton branch said “I just kept trying to focus on why we were doing it rather than how high up we were going to be. I was shaking like a leaf but am so pleased I have done and it ever so thankful to all those who sponsored me.” Tori Vince, Community and Corporate Fundraising Manager for Exeter Deaf Academy said: “We can’t thank Liz, Rosie and Jodi enough for taking on this brave challenge in aid of the Deaf Academy. They have worked hard to fundraise for us as well as then taking a huge leap of faith to jump out of perfectly good plane from 15,000 feet! Having raised £1587 so far, we are extremely grateful. The Deaf Academy is not funded in the same way as a mainstream school so fundraising makes a critical difference to our work - thank you again to everyone at Bradleys Estate Agents.”

The Exeter Deaf Academy are Bradleys chosen charity in 2016, as they seek to raise enough money to build their new school in Exeter to replace their very limiting current premises. The Deaf Academy run a day and residential school and college for students from throughout the UK.

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