What is the best way to search for a property?

- Wed 23 Apr 2014

The days of queuing outside your local estate agents waiting for the property supplement to arrive are now a distant memory for most of us. The way people buy and let houses has never been more diverse. The options are endless depending on what technology you have available to you, the type of person you are and of course where you are in relation to where you are looking to buy! So which method is the most successful?

It appears the most popular method today would be to use websites. The larger portal brands are well known and also have a vast range of properties available however, rather than waiting for an overnight synchronisation to a portal website why not visit our own website? At www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk we update instantly and we don’t just list properties but we also give local information about the area including market conditions as well as the range of services that are available we can offer that will help with your move. There is more property information on our own website such as full screen size images as well as videos on many properties.

Newspapers are less commonly used as the sole method of searching for a property and are probably more commonly used in habit and as a point of interest than anything else. By using newspapers you can get a general feel for prices and of course the agents in any given town but offer only limited information.

Visiting estate agency offices in your chosen search area will not only provide you with a selection of properties but also the local knowledge that will be invaluable to you during your search. The real benefit, in my opinion, is the rapport you are able to build with the estate agents. Unfortunately I do hear, ‘I wasn’t even greeted in one estate agency office’ but I can assure you that Bradleys, the best estate agents, and our highly professional staff, want to know what you are looking for and why you are looking in a given area. This helps us understand your reason for the move and be able to find you the right property taking into consideration your requirements and the aspirations behind your move. It is quite simply, top quality customer service and traditional estate agency.

I am a great fan of technology and think it has a huge role to play in searching for a property but when you combine it with other forms and in particular the traditional face to face meeting, you will get the best of both worlds. So my advice would be to use the Bradleys website and make contact with your local Bradleys office to start that rapport and keep in contact with one another to ensure the criteria is always up to date. It can be a two way process to ensure we work together to secure that dream home for you!

If you are thinking of selling or letting a property you can also request a free valuation via the website or indeed pop in to the local Bradleys office where we will only be too pleased to help. Bradleys Customer Services can be contacted on 01395 224800.

Kai Logan- Bradleys Marketing Manager

Kai Logan
Bradleys Marketing Manager