Working with a smile on a Sunday?

- Wed 05 Mar 2014

It was like any other normal day, I was speaking to a lady that wanted to view one of our properties, except there was a genuine element of surprise in her voice as she simply didn’t expect to receive a call from an estate agent on a Sunday! The lady highlighted that not only calling her was a surprise but spending time with her to listen to her requirements and then going on to arrange the viewing was as well.

The next stop was to contact our clients. When I rang the vendors, the husband answered the phone and called to his wife saying Bradleys were on the phone, all I could hear his wife saying was Bradleys, Bradleys! I could tell by the pitch of her voice that she was also surprised we were calling on a Sunday. I explained to the client that Bradleys operate 7 days a week dealing with enquires until 10pm, this way if someone wants to view their property we can deal with the enquiry when it comes in immediately.

So the viewing appointment was made and both applicant and vendor were very surprised and also very happy. I do like to hear the surprise in a clients voice when we call out of normal working hours, which in turn puts a smile on my face!

Suzette Richadson - Bradleys Customer Services Manager

Suzette Richadson
Bradleys Customer Services Manager